August 16, 2017  No comments Project News has an article up about Legends of Tomorrow and the character that Tala will play.

“Zari is challenging to all the Legends at first. Ray is a glass half full guy and she struggles with that, because of what she’s seen. I think that they’re also going to bond in that. Opposites attract in that way.”

Given that the show has attempted to pair Ray with nearly every female character on the show, it’s not surprising they’ll attempt the same with Zari. Still, the character may provide a good counterbalance to the altruistic hero, as Routh says Ray will be forced to reconsider how he uses technology and time travel to help people.

“Zari… presents a different view on technology and what it can do. Even more of her pessimistic view of the world, she challenges Ray to do more with his technology and inventions, in trying to help change the world. That’s a conflict with Ray. Do I really try to change time for the better or do I just keep it the way it is? How much can I really affect it?”

While the idea of the Legends is that they save time from those who harm it, often times they’re actually altering history wherever they see injustice. As a result, changing things for the better has always been their M.O. While it’s usually small things, the entire first season saw the Legends trying to stop Vandal Savage’s reign.

With Zari on board, however, it looks like the Legends will once again try and tweak time for the better. And considering how much damage they did last season, it’s not as if things could go much worse for them.

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