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Salon has posted their take on the news about Tala joining Legends of Tomorow:

Interestingly, the words “fear” and “prejudice” appear in the description about the hypothetical (or perhaps not so hypothetical?) future world Tomaz comes from. It’s easy to imagine that she’ll be facing some ugly issues — some of them straight from our own feeds — in the series.

Ashe, an Iranian-American dual citizen who speaks fluent Farsi, seems pumped to join the cast of “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow” and a shared DC TV universe which also includes the shows “The Flash” and “Arrow” (and sometimes “Supergirl”.)

While it appears that Ashe’s version of the character is – thankfully –  a Muslim American, the original comic-book depiction of Adrianna Tomaz was wildly different.

An Egyptian refugee, Tomaz acquired super strength, flight, telekinesis and other powers from the ancient goddess, Isis. In her sometimes tragic history, she is often paired with Shazam’s regular nemesis Black Adam and adopts the name “Isis” and some rather skimpy, blousy clothing in her role as a warrior and queen. One can safely assume that the producers at CW will want to avoid using both that name and that costume their own iteration of the character.

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