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Entertainment Weekly includes this question and answer about Tala’s character on Legends of Tomorrow.

When are we going to see Zari on Legends of Tomorrow? — Daniel
You won’t have to wait much longer as she’ll be introduced in episode 3. But not all of the Legends will be on board with her joining the team, chief among them: Zari herself. “She’s not an obvious choice to join the Legends, and to be part of a team,” Tala Ashe tells me. “In the early episodes, you’re going to see that she’s fighting the narrative of being a superhero, but also being part of a team and trusting people because I think that’s something that has burned her in the past. Because of her upbringing, it’s not something that she easily adheres to. She is brilliant in that sense and says what’s on her mind, and it’s a different tone to bring to the group of Legends. She shakes them up and challenges their mission.”

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TV Line sums up some information learned from Comic-Con about season 3 of Legends of Tomorrow. It includes this tidbit about Tala’s character:

The newest member aboard the ship, Zari Adrianna Tomaz, is “a powerful woman who speaks her mind,” new series regular Tala Ashe described. Zari and the team are “going to butt heads at first,” with the hacker really clashing with Ray’s positivity. “She might be a little glass half-empty.”

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Entertainment Weekly has some news about Tala’s character, Zari:

Along the way, the team will gain a new member: Zari Adrianna Tomaz, a hacktivist played by Tala Ashe. Given the fact that she’s from the future, she’s seen the results of the Legends’ actions and has some thoughts.

“It’s going to be interesting for her to share sort of what her impression of the future is with the Legends in 2017 because she’s seen some of the fallout from 2017,” said Ashe.

Klemmer went on to reveal who she will be paired with. “The most obvious is with Brandon [Routh]’s character Ray, because he’s obviously a futurist, an inventor, a guy who has this boundless optimism about the future being better and brighter and all these things,” he said. “She comes and says, ‘Oh great, all those things you were trying to do to the world, all your inventions, they didn’t add up to anything.’ … It challenges our team to think about what they’re doing, which is, ‘Are we just fixing history or are we improving the future?’”


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